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Required Information on Ordering Parts

    To avoid confusion all orders will require a vehicle VIN nto assure proper fitting. If you do not know your VIN number or its location read below. If you are having difficulty locating your VIN number (after you have read below instructions) please feel free to contact us by email.

Vehicle Identification of Japanese Cars & Trucks

How to Find your VIN Number

 Before ordering parts it is required to properly identify your vehicle. Identification is different than most countries by simple make/model/year. Manufacture year is not so important with Japanese domestic vehicles (JDM).


Most Japanese Vehicles have the VIN number stamped on the firewall behind the engine or on the Radiator Frame.

All Japanese VIN Plates will Generally have the following information

  • Makers Name: Toyota  in English or in Japanese: トヨタ自動車株式会社

  • Model Type: MA61R-BLMQEQ or in Japanese: 型式:MA61R-BLMQEQ

  • Engine Type: 5M-E or in Japanese:エンジン型式:5M-E

  • Frame Number (VIN): MA61-0111111 or in Japanese 車台番号:MA61-0111111



Note: Model Years

Model years (Production year) are rarely stamped on JDM vehicles. Titles in Japan do not show production year, they only state “Date of First Registration”. Sometimes the only way to find model year is to check the Seat Belt Tag located at the attachment point to the body. This is not an accurate method but can give you a general idea. 

Note: 1988~Older Vehicles

Body Tags (Steel Information Plates/Tags) were not required in Japan for Identification by law. Most were simple stickers placed in or around the glove box. Most peal off with age. Vehicle numbers are stamped and can be a bit hard to find. Usually they are on the floor left or right kick panels or around the driver’s seat. Subaru VIN stamps are generally located on the driver’s side frame between front & Rear Wheel.

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